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Flavible Politics is an independent commentator on UK politics, specialising in seat projection and statistical analysis. It was founded by George Rushton, Co-Founder and Director of Flavible LTD.

Our main service is to provide in depth seat projections of each and every poll that is released by the top pollsters in the UK and devolved areas. To see how we do this see our Methodology page.

Along with our projections, we supply our users with an interactive map of the commons divisions with data supplied by the Digiminster API. We also intend to branch out in to many other informative roles. This includes conducting our own public opinion polling, we are currently building up a panel of the public to make this a reality.

Flavible has been created, ammended and improved with the users at the forefront of it's development. Users will continue to play a huge part in how the company and this site progresses. Development Diaries have been an important tool in our development and will continue to play a huge part, make sure to follow our social media accounts to keep up to date and have your say on the direction of the site.

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Who are we?

George Rushton - Software Developer, Westminster

Independent interests in politics, statistical models and national trends.

Previously experience in Office For National Statistics and IBM.

Sole developer and creator of Flavible Politics.

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Flavible LTD is registered in England and Wales